Friday, 19 April 2013

Manic times

Phew it has been a hectic week and I've also been ill so that has put us back somewhat in our plans. However I'm back on form (as much as I ever am) so it's time to crack on again. It's the first time I've given Buds any longer than a day off and I was a bit worried he would have regressed a tad but nope, he's fine! 
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Footprints (I got ridiculously excited about this)
He has been back out in the field again after getting on top of the mud fever and I've learnt even more again... Movement all day makes a massive difference.. I know we 'know' this but I now know for Buddy this is a definite fact! I kept him exercised for  around an hour plus I grazed him for an hour or so at weekends when he was in all day but now, feeling the difference when he's been out for a week consistently, he thrives on far more movement than that. I was panicking on day three that he hadn't hadn't any work and after dragging my sorry self up to the yard and barely getting home (I thought I was going to die.. Or at least pass out!) I was definitely not going to be able to ride. But when I did finally get on he stormed up the driveway and was full of beans with no detriment to his feet whatsoever. Panic averted!

It has also helped ease my mind a bit as I'm away with work in a few weeks time and I was worrying about what to do with him. I can now rest easy that he can have a holiday and he'll be fine when I get back. 

In other exciting news... We have entered a local walk trot test and I am ridiculously excited! I will give you the run down as and when but we are going to have a bit of boot camp this week to practise as I haven't been in the school since the clocks went forward (oooops)!


  1. Go Bud :-) Love the foot prints!

  2. Glad things going well! I too got excited seeing hoof prints when running the boys legs the other day.