Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nudey feet - 20 week comparison

Buddy has been home for seven weeks now which just seems crazy but at the same time it doesn't seem possible that we've been on this journey for almost five months! There was a post on HHO  about a lady with another Buddy who was starting her barefoot journey albeit slightly unwittingly but felt that barefoot was an extremist movement so she didn't want to say she was 'going barefoot' so her Buddy now has 'nudey feet'. I love it and so am totally jumping on the nudey feet bandwagon... I wonder if this term will spread? If I see it on the Rockley blog I know we've made it ;o)
Its been five weeks since I last took pictures of Buddy's feet and there have been some serious changes going on. His feet are starting to look seriously odd now there is more new growth than old but as I can see him wearing them away I'm not concerned and I think we will have a full hoof in another 6 weeks or so which is crazily exciting!
 photo Wk1519latLF_zpsf55d0fbe.png
Week 20 vs Week 15 (LF lat)
Sole shots show a change too (apologies for the messiness on wk 20 - I promise I'll wash his feet for the next update!). His collateral grooves are getting deeper and longer which tells me his sole is thickening so we are heading in the right direction still. His frog is getting thicker and beefier athough looking at these it also looks like there is a slight deviation so I will be keeping a close eye on that.
 photo WK1520LFsole_zps106021dd.png
Week 20 vs Week 15 (LF sole)
I wanted to try and get some shots to show how he was starting to almost square off his toes to reduce the old flare that was there but it hasn't really shown up on any of the shots I took but you can see the slight gap in the center where he is wearing the old growth away and getting closer to his proper breakover point.
 photo 2cc23bfd024c9f5f4f8f9a23032d9622_zpsc22ab717.jpg
Freaky nudey feet 
In other news Buddy's mud fever is on its way out so I'm hoping to get back to normal again by the weekend. He's enjoying hacking out and we've been trying some new routes as we've been sticking to the road as everywhere is so muddy. I'm also avoiding the school as the sand doesn't help but we're doing plenty of schooling out and about so I'm hoping we'll be ready for our competition debut soon.

In a previous blog post I said I thought Buddy would be speedy Gonzales soon enough and it appears that he must have been listening and we hit 51.2MPH according to endomondo on Friday! I'm not sure how as we only trotted but it can't possibly be an error.. can it??

 photo 15b1679efdc1050b9179094a9270997f_zpsd03f63a8.jpg
Go Buddy go!


  1. Nice to read his update.

    I must figure out how to change my endomondo to miles instead of km. Now you have shown is possible.

    We hit a silly speed just in walk. Not sure how it measures it!

    Feet pictures fascinating. Do you have a trimmer / person overseeing his changes locally or are you just monitoring yourself?

  2. Thanks b_b.

    To change your endomondo to miles you just need to go into settings, profile and then change units to US /English :0)

    Feet pics are pretty cool, I'm loving watching them change. I have a farrier who I can call on but, apart from looking at them when he came home, I'm managing them myself for now. We're managing to self trim and I don't want a wrong trim to affect our progress.

  3. Sure you didn't get in the car with it on?! ;-)

  4. What does you farrier think about how his feet are changing? Thanks have managed to change to miles!