Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sometimes we can be wrong...

Another week of learning for Mr Donkey and I... We'd been relegated to roadwork only for our exercise as he was recovering from his mud fever and I was a bit worried how his feet would cope with an increase in work. Well I needn't have worried, sticking to the 2:1 ratio we managed to cover almost 20 miles this week which is a massive improvement  (thank god for British Summetime) and its not made him sore or footy at all.. In fact it is really helping him get rid of that old crappy hoof and they are changing shape once again.

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Week 21 - Compared to last week there are changes afoot!
This fact has made me doubt whether his footiness a few weeks ago was actually grass and not an upload in work after all. I was contacted by one of the team from the Laminitis app at the time who said there had been a spike in the sugars at the same time but I was so convinced that it was work related that I logged it but moved on. Having upped his work pretty significantly this week I'm pretty convinced now that I was wrong.

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Handsome donkey in the sunshine
As Buddy has been in with his mud fever I haven't had to worry about grass so much but he managed to recover enough that Saturday was the day for the big release. It was an amber day on the app but I decided to risk it and see what happened as his footiness shows up within 24hrs. He was fine today and managed to get round a hack 20 mins faster than when he first came back from Rockley which is fantastic as, apart from a slightly long trot at one point, our paces were pretty much the same.

As today was a red day (my first since he's been home) I decided to keep him in and will continue to do so on red days as for me it's just not worth the risk. I now have the delightful task of remembering to text my YO every day to say whether he can go out or not - I hope Buddy appreciates all this!

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Red is for danger
Here's hoping the sun continues to shine and spring is finally on the way - everyone was far happier today with some sun on their back.

Hopefully I'll have a lesson report for you at some point this week as I'm planning our nudey feet dressage debut for a few weeks time and we need some practise!

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  1. My boys just gone footie in front, question is was the trim he had Friday, or the spike in the grass at the weekend, or a stone that got lodged on Thursday causing a bruise, or the abscess reoccurring........ isn't is hard sometimes!
    Glad Buddys doing so well, look forward to the next lesson report.