Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Busy times and a couple of goodbyes

It's been a strange time here so apologies for the long delay between posts. I had a work trip to Las Vegas (sounds fun but isn't, honest!), a big birthday and then I've been catching up with work since coming back plus I've got a yard move on the cards!

We had some very sad news whilst I was away as my MiL's horse Rolo was put down after a massive colic episode. Sadly he'd been colicking all night and wasn't well enough to travel for the operation when they found him so my MiL very courageously made the right decision to say goodbye. He was a grumpy old boy but we miss him terribly and my MiL has been knocked for six by it. She's not ready for another horse right now but I hope, in time, that she may miss a pony in her life but only time will tell. For now Buddy is on call for any horse snuggles she needs.

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RIP Rolo - You'll be missed

In happier news, Buddy has been improving with the addition of bicarb into his diet and we are pretty much rock crunching. He does have the occasional gimp on the odd stone but I can't remember the last time he did it which is fantastic. We went on a yard hack over the weekend and almost everyone commented on how good Buddy looked and how well he coped with the challenging surfaces which was lovely to hear. I've been lazy and haven't had a lesson (or been in the school) since our dressage test! I've been doing lots of schooling out hacking and we both prefer it that way and Buddy is muscling up very nicely so I'm hoping to go out again at the end of the month and as soon as the old hoof goes we will start jumping properly again.

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Buddy stomping over some serious stones

As per my opening post we are, sadly, moving yards soon. The new yard will allow us to turn out overnight, has access to gallops for fitness (and fun) and some other barefoot horses which will be lovely. I will be sad to say goodbye to my friends at the yard but they understand why we are moving on.

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Buddy will be sad to say goodbye to Bert

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