Sunday, 3 November 2013

Back on Form!

I'm pleased to report that this weekend was far more successful than our trip last weekend! We were on our own again and off to another new venue, although it is only 2 minutes down the road so it is very convinient. We loaded well again and we were on the road and there in less than 10 minutes. 

We had entered Intro A and Prelim 4 as I like him to do two tests and hang around for a bit. I thought I'd got my timings better but despite being at the venue with 50 minutes before my test I still only had 15 minutes to warm up which was ok but I'd rather have had 20. My YO was still around as she'd had a young horse do their first test and so I nabbed her to call for me as I'd not had time to visually run through my test before going in and didn't want to forget it.
 photo null_zpsa52d8287.jpg
Posing by the lorry and looking fluffy
Buddy had a good look at the viewing gallery and had a nosey at the judge in her box but settled quickly and did a very nice test which I was pleased with. I would like a bit more activity in the walk but that will come. Back to the lorry, put Buddy in and made sure he was settled before going and getting a cup of tea. The facilities at Fairoak are fabulous and it's definitely somewhere I will go back to (my husband is annoyed he missed out on cake and paninis).

They hadn't got my score up so I went back to the lorry to take a look at my second test and make sure I had it in my head. It was soon time to get back on again and I did a shorter warm up this time, just a good stretch, trot on both reins, some lateral work and a quick canter on both reins and then straight in. I was really pleased with the test, we fluffed up the first canter but I think it's becoming a bit of a 'thing' for me so will need to work on that. I also semi forgot what I was doing and so thought I'd just trot to the next marker and then realised I had to go all the way round the school so picked up canter again. It was a bit messy and earned a 3 plus the comment 'problems' but never mind. Second canter was the best I could have hoped for and was as good as I'm getting at home so that made up for it! Walk was a bit lazy (but not as bad as last week) but I was really, really pleased with him.
 photo null_zpsb5abb6c2.jpg
Check out those ears!
As I came out one of the ladies running it said we'd come second in the first class which was fab so I went back to the lorry and sorted out B before going to get my sheet. We'd actually ended up on the same score and collectives as the winner but the rules of the RC are that highest place goes to an RC member which is fair enough but it would have been lovely to finally get that red rosette. 

Scores weren't ready for the prelim so I took Buddy home and went back for my sheet once the class was finished. Well Mr Buddy, despite our rubbish first canter, came third! I was gobsmacked as the judge is well thought of in our area and she made some lovely comments and gave Buddy an 8 for his paces in the collectives which I was super chuffed with.
 photo null_zps7de6b2fe.jpg
Big Grins!
I really appreciate every second I have with Buddy and it's times like today when I think back and just am amazed that we have come so far. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful, kind horse who I can just have fun with and enjoy. He really is my horse of a lifetime and I feel very priviledged.

We're planning on going showjumping next (at the giddy heights of 70cms) as I don't think Buddy was overly impressed with doing dressage two weekends in a row so watch this space.

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