Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Adios 2013... You've been a good one!

My last post was somewhat reflective so even though we are on our final day of the year I won't focus too much on looking backwards. However, for anyone that has had a tough year I would like to recommend one thing... I started a jam jar last January, into which I placed every single good thing that happened to me this year. Every time something not so nice has happened I have opened and read my jam jar and it has really changed my perspective on how I let the negative things remove the magic from the good. It is something I will continue to do over the next year as I really think it has made a difference to my views.
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It has been a very busy few months here, I've been abroad with work a fair bit which meant poor Buddy was somewhat neglected. However, I will be starting a new job in January so am having a couple of weeks off in the interim which has been lovely (although is going far too quickly for my liking).
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Frosty hacks on furry ponies
We have had some very sad news on the yard as my superb YO lost her horse of a lifetime this week in a freak accident. It is horrible when something like this happens and puts everything into perspective. She has been such a huge support to me and has welcomed Buddy and I so warmly into the yard so it make it seem more unfair that it happened to such a lovely pair. So please spare a thought for her and give your ponies an extra cuddle when you see them - I certainly did :o( 
We did venture out a few weeks ago to a local dressage competition, Buddy was a bit of a pickle and decided to freestyle his first test including several GP moves that are unnecessary in a walk and trot test! He still managed to come 7th out of 30 despite the inattention (the judge was being polite) although I have to admit I was disappointed as I really wanted to have a successful last go at that level which I know is very spoilt brat sounding as I would have been jumping for joy with that result on my old horse! He did redeem himself in the prelim and managed to come 3rd so I was very pleased with that - he is getting more consistent at this level now although the canter is still hit and miss. We also qualified for their winter championship but I decided to not go as we just weren't prepared and I would have been disappointed to not perform our best.
 photo C5249D14-E9A1-47FF-AAAB-48805A154932_zpsag2rl0gy.jpg
Butter wouldn't melt (he'd almost deposited me at the end of the school!)
Buddy's feet are continuing to do well, although the change in weather has affected his capability somewhat - although I know it shouldn't be enough on its own - and he is feeling slightly more sensitive on stones than he was a few weeks ago. I am treating for thrush as he has a nice (!) central sulcus split opening up on one of his front feet which is now starting to close since treatment started so I am hoping that will be the end of it. He is feeling rather well, is sound and landing heel first so I'm not hugely worried but it is something I am keeping a very close eye on as I know how fast things can change.
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Schooling in the rain
Despite this I am tentatively planning my 2014 season. Aim number one is to have a happy, healthy and sound horse. Aim number two is to continue having lots and lots of fun. Competitively I have a few aims for this year...
  1. Complete a Novice dressage test
  2. Score over 60% in a Novice test
  3. Complete a one day event
  4. Be consistently jumping 1m+
 I would love to look back next year and have done the above but I am not putting any pressure on either of us as I know how lucky I am to be just riding my horse so every single moment is a precious one.
Buddyvisit1_zps957b91cd photo Buddyvisit1_zps957b91cd.jpg
Happy New Year from Buddy and I!

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