Friday, 21 March 2014

Exciting news!!

We have had some very exciting news this week as Buddy and I have been shortlisted for a sponsorship package run by Jamie Wright Equestrian who is a local eventer and dressage rider. This is a huge opportunity for us as, if we are lucky enough to be the final pair chosen, it is 6 months of free training and support plus kit from Total Impact Equestrian and physio from LAW Animal Physiotherapy. We have to go to Jamie's yard for an assessment lesson and then should hear early April. I am just hoping that I do my gorgeous boy justice as it is a fantastic offer and would make sure we get our first season under our belts in style.
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Sunbathing after his first bath of 2014
The rest of the week has been spent ensuring that the new saddle fits and trying to find a new dressage saddle. My lovely wow has gone off to a new home in Scotland and I hope the lady who bought it has as many happy hours in the saddle as I did.
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Arty Pic
Buddy is much happier in his new saddle and is already starting to expand into it - I need to stop joking about him being like Valegro as he's going to be a tank if he carries on! We had our third Bowen session this week and Buddy really enjoyed it. We agreed that his topline has improved already and the good news was he was softer all over which was great news. The saddle also got the thumbs up (phew). But the search for a dressage saddle continues....
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Sleepy donkey
I have also (finally) started using my head camera. It's finally dried up enough now that we can have a good canter so I thought I'd share today's effort - see if you can spot the couple of moments where pheasants thought they'd like to join in!!
We're off jumping tomorrow so will be using the headcam again - will upload the video and report on here.

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