Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Honoured by The Herbal Horse

We've had a really fantastic couple of weeks here which was topped by gaining sponsorship from The Herbal Horse - I was truly honoured and humbled to read some of your lovely comments and it was amazing to see so many of you that are inspired by Buddy's journey and I did shed a tear or two whilst reading them. Thank you for your amazing support and obviously a huge thank you has to go to The Herbal Horse for choosing us when there were some amazing combinations shortlisted.
As a result of this amazing opportunity we have been using their 'Farriers Mix' and the 'Sports Horse Mix'. I will do full reviews on both but I am delighted to report that so far, with horrifically toxic grass, our capability has not decreased and has remained stable. I am still supplementing magnesium and salt at the same levels I have always done at this time of year but I am really pleased with the short term results. The proof will, of course, be in the long term usage and to see if there is any change in the new growth but Buddy is pretty good at showing changes quickly so I'm reasonably confident that this will continue.
We haven't done any competing since our BD solo debut as I've been very busy with work but we have been training hard. I am enjoying my dressage more than I have ever done and I am starting to get to the stage where my brain is aching as much as Buddy's at the end of each lesson - sideways stuff is really hard!! Our next outing is scheduled for 2nd May - BD at Fairoak again and I am hoping to get my last AF  sheet. We will be aiming for Bury Farm in August to give us some practise at a big atmosphere before TQ regionals and even possibly Nationals (crosses fingers tightly). Then our next one will be 10th May - its another TQ competition and it feels like a lifetime ago since 56%-gate. I am looking forward to strutting our stuff again.
In other exciting news, our new jump saddle has been built - and it should be back with me in the next couple of days as it needed some more flock. I love it, Buddy loves it so fingers crossed Warren sees a benefit in my position!!! Again, we've had brilliant service from the Northumbria Equine team so I will do a separate post once I have more pictures.

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