Thursday, 17 January 2013

A waiting game

As I said in my last entry, I'm a decisive person in certain situations and I can also be incredibly impatient! Buddy was scheduled to go to Rockley in the first week of December and so I was planning my shoeing schedule to fall in line with that (Nic likes them to go down as they are due to be shod) and getting impatient that time wasn't moving quickly enough!!

As well as all my research, I found that some people are incredibly negative about barefoot horses and honestly feel that they cannot be a performance horse without the use of shoes. I must admit its something I had believed but I'm pretty open minded and so wouldn't have shot someone down just for hoping their horse could return to competition without shoes. The thing I found hardest was that Buddy and I had no other option.. he wasn't sound in shoes, the vet had run our of treatment options apart from a neurectomy (shudder).. so what else did people want me to do - just shoot him and be done?!

After sobbing into Buddy's mane on multiple occassions, I developed a thicker skin and have tried to ignore the negativity and treat those who are ignorant and unwilling to understand a different perspective as I would a small child (smile and nod whilst laughing internally).

There have been several people who are genuinely interested and despite the standard questions around working a barefoot horse on the road (no, his feet won't be reduced to bleeding stumps and will actually thrive with roadwork) which always causes a bit of incredulity they are totally supportive which is great.

Amongst all this, there was a cancellation so Buddy was off to Rockley on 16th November. Eek. I was scared...

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