Saturday, 19 January 2013

Up to date - 8 week update

Buddy's 8 week update is online now

To celebrate his 8 week anniversary I went down for a long weekend so got to ride for three whole days which was amazing.

The change in the last two weeks is incredible and he is really starting to open his shoulder and power through from behind which he hasn't done for a very long time. On the Friday we did the same route we had done two weeks prior and although he still found the small gravel difficult he managed everything else with ease. Buddy's problem is that his hooves were so compromised and flat that it will take a while to get that concavity but as soon as we do he will be truly rock crunching.
We put him in the school on the Sunday, just to see what he looked like and, to my utter amazement, he is sound! He was a bit short when he fell down the holes that Alfie (Rockley Rehab on his way home) had kindly created but we are at the stage now, with four weeks still to go, that I thought we might be at the end. I can't tell you how happy it made me

Then, on Monday, we had our first off road ride Rockley style! The weather was interesting and the ground was obviously pretty wet and awful and I was a bit worried that he would slip all over the place. However, Buddy suprised me and was really steady on his feet. The only time we slipped was down the steepest slope I've ever ridden on a horse (almost vertical.. I kid you not! See Nic's pic here) and even that was a little slide and was unavoidable as there was very little grass cover. We then headed through a stream, through the woods popping over fallen trees and then had a canter up a hill at the end.

It was an amazing weekend, I felt like I had my horse back and it has given me renewed hope for the future that we *may* get to event again.

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