Saturday, 18 January 2014

Start as you mean to go on

Since my last blog post I have been a busy bee! I had some time off after Christmas and wasn’t back at work until last Monday so I’ve been having fun playing ponies (and am now even more desperate for that lottery win) and visiting special friends.

The support network for the Rockley Rehabs extends way beyond Nic and all she does and there is a brilliant network of alumni who help each other through and welcome the newbies on their journeys. After the RRR13 a few of us have kept in touch and we see each other regularly but we talk almost daily and pull each other through the tougher times, the times when you aren’t totally sure you’re doing the right thing and celebrate times when everything(ish) is going right. We’re all relatively new on the journey but are at different stages with Buddy being the longest serving graduate. One thing the group highlighted for me recently was how you can be sucked into consistently treating your horse like they are still broken and constantly doubting yourself.
 photo 466B3410-3C1D-4708-97B6-735B87B4B674_zpsfxqovouz.jpg
Totally unimpressed with his new snuggy jams

It’s definitely something I have been guilty of over the past year and I have stuck to our comfort zone for a long time. It’s the only reason I delayed jumping until we had a new hoof as for me jumping = lame horse and when you are back on that onward trajectory you don’t want to suffer that awful heartbreak and disappointment again. However, as per my previous blogs, I vowed to move on.. But I still bumbled around.

Previously I had plans and ambition to get to 1* if I could (and it would be me holding us back) but when Buddy went lame I vowed never to make plans again as I always end up disappointed so all I wanted was to have a sound horse that I could have fun on with no pressure. I am so lucky that I have that now and I enjoy every second I have with Buddy and appreciate how far we have come but that removed all my competitive drive that I have always had. So, my YO staged an intervention and gave me a well needed kick up the backside after I was telling another livery that I had adjusted all expectations!
 photo 13vs58_zpsb5d2b532.jpg
Wk 13 vs 58
It started with a day of lessons, one on her schoolmaster to show me I could ride and then a session with Buddy to show me how he takes advantage of weaknesses in my position. I came away buzzing with a renewed drive to really get on and actually do it. So, I started up my training notebook again, have picked my first event and scheduled my training and competition schedule back from there and.. I wrote it in pen! I have also tentatively planned my season but that may change depending on how he takes to eventing (and whether it ever stops raining!).
 photo 13vs58sole_zps79aa6bf4.jpg
Sole shots - his feet weren't looking at their best in the wk 58 shots but it's interesting to see the changing shapes
So, I’m excited and ready to tackle the 2014 season. There is work to be done but I feel like I have got a good team of people around me who want me to do the best I can and I am (finally) mentally ready for the challenge.


  1. This is so great to read! Take every day as it comes and keep checking how good you can both become :) All the best this season! Wiola

  2. Thank you Wiola - I'm super excited and working hard and am hoping it will all go well!