Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rockley Update - 10 weeks

Buddy has passed the ten week mark and his 10 week update can be found here

Once again, the growth in the last two weeks has amazed me, and I'm pretty sure when I go and pick him up there will be more change. I am planning on doing a montage of the changes so I can see, side by side, the differences and I'll put it on the blog and will keep recording the changes.

I was so pleased to see the video of him on a circle, although he isn't pushing through as much as when I went to see him last time but the arena is covered in snow and was probably a pretty hard work out! The most important thing is that he is sound and the Rockley surface is a true lameness indicator so he has improved from 2/10's he showed 10 weeks ago and all we have done is allowed his feet to do what they need to do. It's incredible and I'm in awe of Buddy and the work Nic does.

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